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Comparison of CADDS5 and TRIBON

Abstract: the present, China Institute of the shipyards and ship design commonly used CADDS5 and TRIBON software features and can be used in the field were discussed, and in practice the use of their advantages and disadvantages are reviewed, pointing out toward the ship design to make multi-platform, multi-unit, remote collaborative virtual digital design direction, design more effective conservation of resources, improve design accuracy and design efficiency and shorten the design cycle, it should be realized between the two software data to a shared Oracle or Step .
Key words: CADDS5; TRIBON; ship design

0 Introduction
Production through the use of computer-aided design, ship production company shortened design cycle, improve design accuracy, to ship the labor-intensive work to knowledge-intensive work of transformation. In the domestic shipbuilding industry currently popular design software company TRIBON KCS Sweden and made in China POPS. Some large state-owned enterprises and research institutes are the PTC's CADDS5 software introduced to the shipbuilding industry to have achieved good results.
1 on the basic assessment of CADDS5 software
CADDS5 software is the U.S. PTC (Parameter Technology Cooperation) products. It is a universal three-dimensional mechanical design software, with full-featured, true three-dimensional modeling, database, opening up a number of advantages. The software modeling means abundant, especially in curves, surfaces fully functional. Use a very broad, almost mechanical design and analysis related to all fields to meet the various needs of users, such as surface modeling, piping and sampling, engineering design, cable laying, rice money, CNC machining, mold design, kinematic analysis, strength analysis, heat flow field analysis. Their widespread application aircraft, automobile, chemical, power, shipping and large industries such as Hydraulic 3D digitalization principle, production design and processing projects, especially in Korea and some French shipbuilding firm that software of more universal application.
Since the initial development of the software is not intended for ship design, shipbuilding, therefore compared to proprietary software in terms of TRIBON, CADDS5 specialized in shipbuilding capabilities in this field is relatively weak. However, it is itself CVMAC development platform, as well as its underlying database is based on the Oracle database features, so much development left to the user room. In some ways, necessary for its development, will make the software more in line with China's shipbuilding enterprises in production design and process standards used to make up for the software professional in the field of shipbuilding disadvantage of poor. For example, 611 to POPS software and CADDS5 integration, direct extraction of the Oracle database CADDS5 tube design data, generating a small tube ticket plan, the shipyard management to meet our processing needs.
2 on the basic assessment of TRIBON software
KCS TRIBON software is launched in Sweden a spear ship design software design software This software is modular, each module by shipbuilding experts and software designers to develop the. It includes the module production equipment, hull, pipes, equipment, base, air duct, cable, iron habitat equipment, interior and so on. Therefore, in terms of shipbuilding industry, the software more "say", but in fact such a corresponding relationship between the limit surface to further expand its use. It all menus and features are designed around the ship, virtually no other function. Therefore, it's advantage is specialized and targeted, involved in shipbuilding design of the professional, the system more compact. Its disadvantage is the narrow professional applications, functional limitations of large, poor ability to solve particular problems, and poor database open. As the system design are mostly shipbuilding expert, so the entire system topology of three-dimensional graphics modeling ability, a number of specific modeling problem of topological graph can not be well resolved.
3 from the shipbuilding industry to see the two software
Software can not do the absolute comparison between, a software good or bad than the other software, such evaluation is not objective is not scientific. Generally speaking, each software has its own advantages and features, of course, has its weak and inadequate. By CADDS5 and TRIBON two software applications, the feeling has its own unique advantages.
CADDS5 software is a common design platform, a large number of advanced computer-aided technology is introduced, therefore, it represents the current international trend of CAD software, versatility and professionalism is low, but it can address the special problems of the special product form. The software database open, and has a very good development platform, the modeling method is complete, the graphic file is independent and is based on the path to management. Therefore, its flexibility for the management of images, you can always add a graphics file in the project, can be Web-based Collaborative Design, which is its advantage. It also disadvantages mentioned above, less specialized shipbuilding. For instance, the hull module generates two-dimensional map is based on general mechanical drawing standards, drawing standards do not meet the hull; tube of small notes to go through plug-in processing. On such issues can be resolved through the secondary development.
TRIBON software is a versatile ship design to meet the design platform, its capabilities to meet the shipyard production process. However, their boats loaded module for device modeling, using the voxel construction method, therefore, poor equipment, realistic style. Also, because of their project managed by the document, the user at any time to the project Buneng Tianjiatuxing file, Yin Ci, more Kunnan remote collaboration, which Duiyuchuanbo Jianzaozhezhong more 鍝佺 of small batch production Fang Shi terms, do not seem particularly flexible even restricted the progress of the shipyard production design.
4 Setting out from the pipe system to see the two software
TRIBON software from version 4.0 to the computer workstation version of the M1, and medium-sized shipyard in China has been widely used as an aid for production design to improve the production efficiency. Its hull module and control system module integrated CAD / CAM capabilities. Hull module can be started on the design and conduct nesting design, CNC cutting machine for the next send material processing; tube tube processing module can extract information directly sent to CNC pipe bending machine manufacturer. Design module is concerned on the tube. As the pipe system is setting out a comprehensive project, it can not advance alone, must wait hull, equipment, cables, duct, base, etc. can be carried out almost complete, and in the design and also meet the various owners design change requests, and this inevitably resulted in the pipe system when laying a lot of changes. Is a two-dimensional semi-TRIBON software module in the pipe system in a quarter-screen all the lines we see are two-dimensional line segment, the pipeline changes the shape of space, and rotate through the two points in the adjustment screen will be able to achieve requirements. The illumination module can display the true three-dimensional tube shape, which provides designers with an intuitive tool for visual inspection. While the interference checking function for designers to further qualitative examination provided the tools to intervene, but did not provide quantitative analysis of interference inspection tools. For example, it can not measure the specified minimum distance between the models can not give the value of mutual interference pipe. Particularly worth noting that, TRIBON M1's new icon-based command allows designers to more easily study the X-ray features than the workstation version to be much stronger. It added a dynamic new roaming feature that can help designers to visit the cabin layout of the situation in the tube, allows designers to carry out a more reasonable design of the pipe laying. Meanwhile, the new provision of state in the X-ray tube function allows editing more intuitive design. But the PC version TRIBON introduced, it required the minimum memory configuration for the 512M, loaded the boat in the shipyard design, a segmented data are often more than 512M, therefore, the design of the boat loading often occur throughout the sub-data transfer people, the easy to cause system crashes phenomenon.
CADDS5 software in China although the just introduced into a ship design to, but its parameter (Parameter) and non-parametric (Explicit) design module for its more accurate to meet modern industrial production of "virtualization" design has been aroused the attention of ship designers. Strictly speaking, during the design of a ship, if the three-dimensional model was accurate, realistic, setting out the error rate control system can be greatly reduced, and that can be achieved without margin control system processing. This will increase productivity, reduce costs, shorten design and production cycle is critical. Because software is a true three-dimensional CADDS5 software, all of its models, including three-dimensional drawing of the auxiliary lines are, therefore, available when making pipe lofting three-dimensional coordinate system (relative coordinates, absolute coordinates) to control the shape of space pipeline, the pipeline changes when the space by changing the coordinates for the location and angle. But, after all, not special shipbuilding CADDS5 software, the changes of its pipeline system as TRIBON idea and means easy and fast. CADDS5 laying pipe system with intelligent features. For example, if the pipe system must complete the establishment of the Annex library, somewhere in the pipeline to join the adjustable size of the head, it can automatically adjustable, such as small diameter downstream end of the annex, including flanges, valves automatically adjust to the small diameter Duanxiang match, and can freely move in the pipeline attachment in TRIBON of these features was not available.
Another feature of CADDS5 Software is a powerful virtualization product design features that EPD CONNECT (Electrical ProductionDesign). Before you start EPD CONNECT first model (hull, pipes, electricity, wind, etc.) made assembly tree, and then start the mediator. At this time, three-dimensional model can be transferred to multi-angle of view, you can also do any rib is located at the split, and split some remove, easy to observe the situation in the cabin. In addition, it can calculate the space between any two models, the minimum distance.
The collision checking can be divided into static and dynamic collision checking Collision checking, static collision check can be conducted on the specified model checking, and the results reported by different colors to the designer. Dynamic collision checking is a space through a given path, the model of a particular device or other moving along this path, looking at it with the surrounding three-dimensional model of the impact of other conditions, and displayed the report to the designer. These are designers the means to check the collision, but also provide a basis for the design of dynamic interference detection results, work out the best route to install, and maintenance of hoisting equipment, laying the most economical way. For example, there may only need to cut a piece of steel plate, you can repair the equipment will need to secure hanging out and not run into other things, this maintenance program development and reduce maintenance costs is a practical significance.
5 Conclusion and Outlook
CADDS5 TRIBON software and digital design software for the ship to provide an effective platform, making the ship's design in a unified digital platform. However, due to data conversion interface between the two software is not perfect, the data between the two resources can not be fully shared. Meanwhile, the two software need to be their weakness also an upgrade in the future be addressed to achieve the software data to Oracle or Step sharing, so that ship design toward multi-platform, multi-unit, remote collaborative virtual digital design direction development of more effective energy conservation design resources, improve design accuracy and design efficiency and shorten the design cycle.


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Trust by the Bank through the East, TongLINK / Q acclaimed

June 27, 2007, by the People's Bank of organizations of the National Check Image Exchange System will conduct a nationwide promotion, which means that China's modernization and further improve the payment system function. This is a project benefits the country, is the People's Bank following the large, micro-payment system after the completion of another major financial infrastructure, the system completed, it will change a long time to use our check only the situation in the same city achieve a check in the same city or other places across the country use. This is China's financial industry and the promotion of inter-regional exchanges and economic development of funds of great significance.

My check is the most widely used tool for non-payment of one advanced in 2005, a total of 1.8 billion document checks, totaling 350 trillion yuan. December 18, 2006, the system began in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei and Shenzhen six provinces (municipalities) test run, the test run period, relying on the central bank's modern payment system, as well as sound business banking outlets, as of 3 the end of six provinces and cities between 12,000 document by check image exchange system to achieve fully reflects the real-time fund settlement system, the national capital and pay people to go and vote with the safe and efficient, and other areas.

In China, the financial industry had been in the construction and application of information the forefront of information system security, stability and fast response and so has very strict requirements. The national check image exchange system involving all commercial banks nationwide, the People's Bank of provincial branches and the People's Bank of votes Exchange, the construction of the system not only meet the rapid transmission of business data security, but also between different systems to meet compatibility and connectivity. Therefore, the system need messaging middleware, messaging middleware and performance on demanding.

Given the importance of message oriented middleware, the vendor selection, the central bank designated TongTech (TongTech) and IBM middleware products for the system, which fully reflects the largest middleware vendor as the East Tong (TongTech) by the central bank strength trust and recognition. Analysts pointed out that, after ten years of development, continue to grow our middleware vendors have sprung up to par with foreign giants to vendors, and won the support of domestic users, the East Pass (TongTech) is the best proof of this to the middle pieces started to become the software industry to promote the overall development of China's breakthrough, and become an important information technology assistance.

It is understood that during the trial operation in the system, the central bank, Huaxia Bank, China Construction Bank and other banks have chosen the East Pass (TongTech) messaging middleware TongLINK / Q. In practical application, TongLINK / Q to meet the demand for information transmission, and messaging middleware products with different message formats on request of their respective areas demonstrated by the excellent performance achieved great recognition and praise.

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Eclipse to improve productivity

The following are used every day on some of the things set out a table (in alphabetical order), is certainly incomplete, or is not detailed, expert Please add the entry-disciple please Experience

Eclipse to improve the efficiency of good practice:

1, switch editor points Alt + <-, Alt + ->

2, view open files Ctr + e

3, full use of the template is mainly defined by their

4, the custom shortcut keys generate Getter and Setter

I: Ctr + Shift + S, S generates a single attribute you can: Ctr +1 proposal, there is a

5, the time try not to remove the Delete key or backspace, line-level Ctr + d, line individual parts Ctr + x

6, see the method name or variable name is not good, replace Ctr +2, r

7, Find selected Next: Ctr + k, anti-check: Ctr + Shift + k

8, run the Ctr + F11

9, case conversion: Ctr + Shift + X Ctr + Shift + Y

10, the largest general window switch: Ctr + M

11 Sometimes, Alt + Shift + X, Q to run was quite cool, especially when the individual is running build

12, multi-window editor, you may not meet, but after using cooked, you will find very effective:

Window-> New Window

13, implement the interface of class annotation: @ Override, or just fine to use Ctr +1

14, forget the class name, remember that about?

Ctr + Shift + T, remember to use *? Oh

15, debug would not have said F5 F6 F8 F7

16, the console row of labels, can shut off a few to a few, do not waste resources, I used three Problems Tasks Consle

17, full use of TODO and Tasks view, it is possible to achieve or improve later you want something you forgot

18, switch orientation class method Ctrl + Shift + Down / Up

19, copy selected row Ctrl + Alt + Down / Up

20, corresponding to Article 18 or the outlines of their better use: ctr + o

21, ctrl + shift + r file search (not a one of the buns open, go)

22, alt + shift + QP is maximum when the edit window, you can quickly open the Package Explorer

23, alt + shift + QC is maximum when the Edit window, you can quickly open the Console

24, ctrl + b to build (Yibanquxiao the Zidong build), ctrl + l Ding Wei OK Hao

25, ctrl + shift + f format code

26, ctrl + t (ctrl + t + t) see the inheritance structure of classes or methods

27, ctrl + shift + u see where the variable is cited

28, ctrl + shift + g (alt + shift + h) View method is called where

29, alt + shift + c type or method signature reconstruction (reconstruction of interface is very effective)

30, on the reconstruction of shortcut keys, I did not say, make good use of functional reconstruction of the restructuring of the code is really a word: cool!

Therefore, it is to improve the efficiency of an excellent way to much appreciated here because I still deal with reconstruction of the primary level, you can always try to improve it:

Often by press: Alt + Shift + T (= right -> Refactor-> Series selection)

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Save Delphi: Chinese open source community an excellent opportunity to display strength

The embarrassment of the open source community in China

If you want to discuss China's open-source software development community in recent years, the status and contribution of the process, even if only to consider the impact of domestic and not consider the world, and I am embarrassed to say only, not status, it is a modest contribution . No one denies that the most active and creative force in the United States and Europe open source and other western countries. On the deeper reason, I have to admire the spirit of mutual cooperation foreigners, dedication and persistent in pursuing the spirit of this point than we were less so, our programmers work separately for a little more consideration in the face of reality When the interests of more, the pursuit of the ideal time to less so. More importantly, the technology is a unified and coordinated the integration of the lack of opportunity, I think that the rescue is a great opportunity for Delphi.

Why is Delphi

1, mass basis

First of all, Delphi programming enthusiasts in the country occupies a large heavy status, this does not mean more people with Delphi, did not say how much Delphi has developed a great application, but rather a kind of feeling - a lot of fans are into the programming world by Delphi. Give my own example, I am an amateur enthusiast, it is vegetables rookie, beginner learn the C programming language, now the main study. Net, but is prepared Delphi I can do something for the first program, learning the surface to the object of thought, learning design patterns, data structures and so on. With the masses will have a market basis, as long as the Delphi can be reborn in the country will certainly be numerous supporters.

2, Delphi is facing a dilemma

Delphi is now facing difficulties, with a Chinese term that is not with the times, the current environment and his birth year was completely different environment, need to change the strategy and thinking. Delphi.Net seems to be an option, but very few people develop. Net programs do not have C #,. Delphi Studio obviously want to copy the success of JBuilder, where I boldly predict, the end doomed to fail, JBuilder appearance was because the lack of a good Java IDE, is now different, the success probability of IDE alone is too small. Yang boiling soup just as drastic, Delphi is most needed is a thorough transformation, creating a new language, library or even platform, Java language development from a toy to this day only took ten years, as long as there are good innovation, together with a strong mass base, the success is not impossible.

Dream D #

1, the transformation language

Delphi is mainly used to develop Win32 programs, but under Win32 and Delphi syntax. Net has been under a big gap between Delphi syntax, and a lot of features. Net of all, in Win32 you could not use. What we need is a similar C # and Java for Delphi # language, it should at least have the following characteristics: 1, all objects, including basic data types; 2, Zhi Chi foreach 寰幆; 3, support the paradigm; 4, reinvented Tobject; 5, syntax is concise, easy to learn; 6, has its own virtual machine, all platforms have the same syntax and so on.

If there is such a D # language, even if it can only develop console program, I would use, if you feel strange reason for me to say:

[1] It is the Chinese people create their own language;

[2] which originated from the Delphi

[3] It is an excellent, modern language, to learn some basics are simple and convenient, such as data structures, design patterns, etc.;

2, the transformation of library

Language is completely different, libraries certainly have to change. JDK, VCL libraries have these outstanding given us a good example, we can absorb its essence, to its dregs, design a line of Chinese habits and characteristics of libraries. The first class library does not need too complicated, just to provide basic functionality, for beginners and small applications, Java has a similar upbringing. As long as able to attract sufficient popular (especially those new to programming the young people who dominate the world of the future), and abide by the spirit of open source, it will not take years, developed, or these three reasons:

[1] It is the Chinese people create their own language;

[2] which originated from the Delphi

[3] It is an excellent, modern language, to learn some basics are simple and convenient, such as data structures, design patterns, etc.;


China has a strategic vision of entrepreneurs and programming expert who is time to act, to the general programming world and domestic fans show your strength. National is the world, when we have our own language, the influence of China's software technology to the world very soon.

The words written on the back

You might think that technology knows no borders, no more Chinese and foreign, I agree, but the learners have national boundaries, I think Americans learn C # and C # experience we will probably not learn too much, like, right? Particularly for amateur, this is particularly important. If we have our own language, in line with our habits of mind, have their own documentation, or even everyone can improve it views the world who want access to programming for the new, lower barriers to entry to many, as long as a large number of people entering the Chinese software industry development will definitely put on a grade than it is now.

You might think that such a transformation from a language point of nothing new, I want to say that with C + + why do we still have Java, with Java Why are C #, with C # why do we still have VB.Net, not all from the market to consider, right? An ecological system should be varied, as long as a transformed Delphi, naturally someone.

Also here prawns are likely to be professionals, to consider the issue a bit complicated, and sometimes see the game better, bystander, I think we can simply start from a language point of view, even if we have only a simple language, like removing the MFC C + +, remove the JDK's Java, remove the Framework, C #, this is still an exciting thing, when he was really born, and you dare rows breast, that you will not to pay attention to it? I think not only not so, you must also have a impulse to do something for him.


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Tag Library JSP Servlet call

Taglib Tag library

Tags are defined and distributed in a structure known as the tag library, a tag library is composed of meta-information and a collection of classes:

1. Tags processors: implementation of the Java class custom labels.

2. Label Additional Information (TEI): JSP container to provide edge series to confirm the tag attributes and create a variable class.

3. Tag library descriptor (TLD): description of a single tag and the tag library attributes of XML documents.

Tag handler and tag additional information needs to be positioned in the JSP container class loader can find it. Tag library descriptor can be specified in the URL location of the symbol means. JSP1.1 specifications to accept a package JSP container will cause the structure of the tag library JAR file. TLD must be / META-INF directory of the file named taglib.tld, JAR files are copied to the / WEB-INF / lib directory.

1, the label achieved

1. Development steps

a. the definition of tag names, attributes, declarations of variables and labels body content.

b. write tag library descriptor TLD.

c. write tag handler.

d. the use of labels in the JSP page.

2.JSP page in the JSP container conversion steps:

JSP page there are three forms: JSP file, java file and class files.

a. command element, and the JSP container to provide conversion information.

b.HTML line _JSPService () method in accordance with the order to switch to out.print () language name.

c. statement of the script element is copied intact to the _JSPService () method outside of the source code.

d. script element expression in _JSPService () method in accordance with the order to switch to out.print () language name.

e. script elements Scriptlet be copied intact to the _JSPService () method.

f. conduct element is converted into run-time performance of its functions the logic code.

g. custom tag is expanded to its corresponding tag handler calls the method in the Java statement.

3. Tags in the JSP container conversion steps:

a.JSP container positioning using taglib directive element tag library descriptors, used to customize the page to match labels and TLD.

b. Read the label tag library descriptor list and the name of each class of associated label.

c. encounters a tag in the page, the look and name tags with the specified prefix related to a tag library.

d. Containers used in the TLD to find the tag structure information to generate a complete Java statement labeling function.

2, tag library descriptor (TLD)

Tag library descriptor is a description of the tag library tag information and library in each tag and its attributes XML document processor.

The DTD tag library descriptor element by a simple composition, this element contains the following number of child elements.

The tag library tag information

鈼?tlibversion tag library version number. Is a point decimal number, up to 4 groups of numbers separated by decimal points.

鈼?JSPversion JSP tag library specification required minimum version. For example JSP1.1

鈼?shortname acronym name tag library. JSP can use the tag name as the default library prefix.

鈼?uri URI tag library the only element. Can be downloaded from the URL location of typical taglib location.

鈼?info Tag library descriptions.

Each tag and attribute tag in the TLD processor to add tags, description tags for each component library. name and the name of the prefix tag library for use with the label's name, is the only label JSP container identification. tagclass label tag processor class to achieve the full name. teiclass tag additional information (TEI) class full name. TEI class is given on the label processor to create variables and on the label of the Executive Secretary of any validation information. bodycontent describes how to use the label tag handler body content. There are three values:

鈼?empty: said tag body must be empty;

鈼?JSP: that script elements and templates, and other labels as being assessed.

鈼?tagdependent: body content is intact written BodyContent, other script elements in source code form, without being interpreted JSP container.

info label human-readable descriptive information. attribute is encoded using the label attribute information. Used to define the label attribute. Property name: property name.

鈼?true | false: the location of property used in the label is to be encoded.

鈼?true | false: the specified property value can use the expression.

Third, the label processor

JSP tag handler is a container through the realization of a series of pre-defined method called custom tag implementation of a Java class act.

Tag handler implements the behavior of tags, labels processor is Java class.

1. Label processor work

a. Import javax.Servlet.JSP and javax.Servlet.JSP.tagext package.

b. achieve javax.Servlet.JSP.tagext package Tag interface or BodyTag interfaces. BodyTag is sub-interfaces Tag.

c. inherited class or BodyTagSuppoert TagSupport class. They are the interface default implementation.

d. Heavy public int doStartTag () throws JSPException method.

2. Label processor interface and implementation

鈼?javax.Servlet.JSP.tagext.Tag is to achieve the most basic interface label.

鈼?javax.Servlet.JSP.tagext.TagSupport Tag interface to achieve the specific class.

Usually not directly implement class inheritance tagSupport Tag interfaces are often useful. In addition to all the necessary methods provide the default implementation, but also save the pageContext object and the nested tags support.

Tag interface contains four constants that doStartTag () and doEndTag () method may return code.

EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE When the doStartTag () returns, the specified Servlet tag body should be assessed.

SKIP_BODY When the doStartTag () returns, the specified Servlet tag body should be ignored.

EVAL_PAGE When the doEndTag () returns, the rest of the specified page should be assessed.

SKIP_PAGE When the doEndTag () returns, the rest of the specified page was skipped.

Tag interface methods

public void setPageContext (PageContext ctx) generated Servlet the request processor to perform other tasks before the first call to this method, the implementation class context object should be preserved so that it can use the life of the label. From the page in the context of JSP tag handler can access all the hidden objects.

public void setParent (Tag p) using a standard A stack can be found operating the label on it. Immediately after the setPageContext call.

public Tag getParent () returns the parent tag.

public int doStartTag () throws JSP page set the context, the parent tag and start tag after the coding of the property call. Return code shows whether the JSP Servlet implementation body to assess the label.

public int doEndTag () throws JSPException whether the mark when the encounter node call. JSP code that is returned to New York on the following pages of the rest.

public void release () to ensure that the page is called before exiting. Release of resources and reset the label processor state.

TagSupport class methods

public static Tag finAncestorWithClass (Tag thisTag, Class cls) is the parent tag handler to find the required run-time label stack. Processor can provide a label within the sub-label called method.

public void setId (String id) save and retrieve the id attribute in the specified name.

public void setValue (String name, Object o) in the local hash table setting specifies the name of the value.

public Object getValue (String name) from the local hash table value for the specified name.

public void removeValue (String name) Remove from the local hash table, the value of the specified name.

public Enumeration getValues () returns a hash table in the enumeration of keywords.

3. Label processor lifetime

a. generate Servlet need to create an instance of tag handler class. Implementations call the JSP container is usually a factory class method, factory class instance pool contains a tag processor so that it can reuse the object is no longer active.

b. Initialize label processor, Servlet informed of its presence. Servlet label processor by calling two methods to achieve this process: setPageContext (PageContext ctx) and setParent (Tag parent).

c. If the tag has attributes, attribute values passed through the processor to provide setter methods to the object. Property setter method is a label the only way to support the required attributes.

d. the page context and parent label has been transferred home and already have property. At this point called label processor doStartTag () method, which can be read and implemented to achieve these variables needed to calculate standard A function and operation. doStartTag () method must return an integer. Back EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE the normal processing tag body, to return SKIP_BODY from the initial JSP page until the end of the mark and the contents of the tag are ignored.

e. tag after the body was assessed or ignored call tag processor doEndTag () method to return the rest of the page EVAL_PAGE then be evaluated, return SKIP_PAGE the Servlet code immediately from _JSPService () returned.

4. Body tag processor interface and implementation

Tag javax.Servlet.JSP.tagext.BodyTag is sub-interfaces.

javax.Servlet.JSP.tagext.BodyTagSupport achieve BodyTag class.

BodyContent is javax.Servlet.JSP.JSPWriter subclass, but distinct from its parent class.

BodyContent the content of the object is not automatically written into the Servlet output stream, but the accumulation of a string in the cache. When the label after the completion of the target body still in the doEndTag () method can be applied by the getString () or getReader () method of operation. And, where necessary, modify and write recovery JSPWriter output stream.

BodyContent class methods

public void flush () throws IOException replication JSPWrite.flush () method so that it always produces overflow. Refresh write longer valid, because it is not connected to the actual output will be written to the stream.

public void clearBody () reset BodyContent cache is empty.

public Reader getReader () return Reader reads the body content.

public void writeOut (Write w) to write the body contents of the specified output.

public JSPWrite getEnclosing Write () returns the stack is written by the next higher object (may be another BodyContent object).

BodyTag interface defines a new integer constant

EVAL_BODY_TAG When the doStartTag () returns, making new BodyContent object is created and associated with this tag handler. When doAfterBody () returns, so JSP Servlet modifying the label control in any variable assessed again after the body.

BodyTag interface method

public void setBodyContern (BodyContent out) in the current JSPWriter has been written, a new BodyContent after being created by the JSP Servlet call, it occurs in doStartTag () after.

public void doInitBody () throws JSPException setBodyContent (), the body is called life cycle assessment method before. If multiple assessment body, this method is called only once.

public init doAfterBody () throws JSPException body was assessed, BodyContent writer is still active when the call of the life cycle approach. This method must return EVAL_BODY_TAG or SKIP_BODY, if returned EVAL_BODY_TAG assessed again when the body.

BodyTagSupport class methods

public int doStartTag () throws JSPException replication TagSupport in the doStartTag () method.

public int doEndTag () throws JSPException call TagSupport in the doEndTag () method returns the result.

public void setBodyContent (BodyContent out) in a protected member variable bodyContent a new body to save the contents of the object, sub-class can directly access this object.

public void doInitBody () throws JSPException default do nothing. Is need to implement sub-classes initialize the replication.

public int doAfterBody () throws JSPException assessment for each body was called by the JSP Servlet, physical object with the contents still is active. Back SKEP_BODY or EVAL_BODY_TAG the body be evaluated again

public void release () set the bodyContent object to null, then call super.release ().

public BodyContent getBodyContent () return bodyContent variable. Subclass has access to protected variables, but this method allows independent label deal with this body content type to send the output.

public JSPWriter getPreviousOut () call in the bodyContent variable getEnclosingWriter () and easy way to return the results.

5. Body tag processor lifetime

a. generate Servlet need to create an instance of tag handler class. Implementations call the JSP container is usually a factory class method, factory class instance pool contains a tag processor so that it can reuse the object is no longer active.

b. Initialize label processor, Servlet informed of its presence. Servlet label processor by calling two methods to achieve this process: setPageContext (PageContext ctx) and setParent (Tag parent).

c. If the tag has attributes, attribute values passed through the processor to provide setter methods to the object. Property setter method is a label the only way to support the required attributes.

d. the page context and parent label has been transferred home and already have property. Call label processor doStartTag () method, which can read these variables and perform the necessary functions to achieve the calculation of standard A and operation.

doStartTag () method must return an integer.

鈼?Back EVAL_BODY_TAG the normal processing tag body (skip to e);

鈼?Back SKIP_BODY from the initial JSP page until the end of mark and the contents of the tag are ignored. (Skip to f)

e. If the return EVAL_BODY_TAG, then the normal processing tag body.

e1. in the stack to save the current JSPWriter object, create a new BodyContent object, and its set out for the JSP page context object stored in the context of the property named name. With its setBodyContent () method.

e2. call doInitBody () method to initialize.

e3. processing tag body. Write output BodyContent object, this process depends on the TLD label element, there are three possible values.

e4. call doAfterBody () method, in vivo body content is written JSPWriter, can be achieved as follows:

鈼?JSPWriter out = bodyContent.getEnclosingWriter ();

鈼?out.println (bodyContent.getString ());// bodyContent.writeOut (out);

鈼?bodyContent.clear ();

e5.doAfterBody () method returns two possibilities:

鈼?Back EVAL_BODY_TAG, the re-evaluation of the tag body, which is being recycled array and enumerate the typical situation.

鈼?Back SKIP_PAGE, to continue the remainder of the page.

e6. body of content completed, the process of creating it was the reverse:

Call pageContent.popBody () method to retrieve the object in front of JSPWriter. Those settings will be written back out implicit object.

f. tag after the body was assessed or ignored calls doEndTag () method, allowing label processor as the output stream back to the content.

Back EVAL_PAGE the rest of the page being evaluated;

Back SKIP_PAGE the Servlet code immediately from _JSPService () returned.

g. At this point the body content in a protected bodyContent object still available. To incorporate the Servlet output stream:

鈼?JSPWriter out = pageContext.getOut ();

鈼?out.println (bodyContent.getString ()); or

鈼?bodyContent.WriteOut (pageContext.getOut ());

6. Tag category Additional information

4, the label instructions

taglib directive aims to specify the TLD element location, set on the page with the label to distinguish a short alias.


Attribute: prefix: tag library used to identify unique identifier. uri: tag library's own URI.

uri need not point to an actual file, which is in the web.xml JSP container can find the actual file location of the unique identifier.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Jie Mi Foxconn employees jumped the truth

Editor's Note

This has already occurred in March is the third casualty incident. Shenzhen Longhua, Foxconn's biggest OEM factory in China, one after another in the event of tragedy.

March 29, 2009 at 3 pm, Longhua, Bao'an District, Shenzhen Foxconn Technology Park, a 23-year-old man from Hunan Province Foxconn staff quarters upstairs from falling, died on the spot. The incident was alleged to have employees with another man was seriously injured jumping together, now save the. Prior to the March 11 At 9 am, a 20-year-old employee named Li Foxconn Fuji Kang Longhua base "falls dead," police are still investigating the cause of death; March 17 shortly after 8 am, Foxconn Tien women jumped from a dormitory, "fall injury." What makes the Foxconn one after another tragedy? Which in the end, what untold story of hiding?

"China Business" reporter at the scene depth, Longhua, Shenzhen, more than a week, trying to Foxconn's operating system by revealing to explore business accidents frequent underlying causes.

First-line investigation

Employees within one month of death and injury accidents in 3 cases

Foxconn doubt: the issue of "sudden death" to prove

In late March, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, the weather turns warm again, the road on both sides of the common star fruit has been put on new green, and others out a red flower.

However, some more fresh young lives are in the March to the end.

March 29, 2010 at 3 pm (reporters and sub, Bao'an, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau police station to verify the time of pine), Foxconn Technology Group (the "Foxconn"), Longhua, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, a 23-year-old Liu base Hunan man, surnamed employees "falls dead."

This is the March of Fuji Kang Longhua base be exposed since the first three cases of death and injury incidents. This is the Foxconn in Shenzhen since 2010, bases be exposed for the first four cases of "jumping" case. This was in July 2009 Foxconn 25 employees Sundan Yong "suicide" after the first five cases of "jumping" case.

Earlier, on March 11 At 9 am, a 20-year-old employee named Li Foxconn Fuji Kang Longhua base "falls dead," police are still investigating the cause of death; March 17 shortly after 8 am, Foxconn Tien women jumped from a dormitory, "fall injury", currently lying in Longhua People's Hospital ("the Longhua Hospital") ICU (IntensiveCareUnit, Intensive care unit).

"Patients very unstable mood, though from the most dangerous period, but I am afraid to amputated lower limbs." March 29, Longhua Hospital, ICU director, surnamed Li, want to block access to "China Business" reporter. The hospital allows only immediate family members Hetian pm daily peek once.

Earlier on January 23, the 19-year-old horse Foxconn For employees forward in Xuchang, Henan, Zhang Hang Path Village in Mission Hills Training Foxconn factory in South China (the "Fuji Kang Guanlan base") died. Investigating the case, Baoan, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Branch of Matsumoto station (the "Matsumoto police station") issued by letter, the horse forward line, "high fall dead before his death."

1 or 2

March 29, jumped to the news staff Longhua Foxconn End of the World community, the first seen in "The Wandering topics for" channel, which is also released in Malaysia to move the families of the "main front" one.

9:30 the same day, the net called "yp880928" of users in the End of the World websites, message: "at four o'clock on the March 29, 2010, is located in Longhua Huazhen Fu recreational and Technology Group, F3 base in the evening at the same time two Foxconn employees jumping at the same time. "

Message 1, which attracted a large number of Internet users attention. As of March 31, page views have more than 410,000 times, more than 2,500 Replies. Foxconn and the news sparked concern of local police. After another day of news media inquiries to its call.

"Noon, there will be continuous media." Sub, Bao'an, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau police station pine (the "pine police station") cases of team vice captain Li Yongjun told the "China Business" reporter. Fuji Kang Longhua pine base station is the nearest distance from the public security agencies.

Li Yongjun said, when the accident occurred about 3:30 am. After receiving the 110, Pine station duty police rushed to the scene. "The Interpol forensic unit to understand and preliminary examination, the deceased named Liu, 23 years old, Foxconn male employees, Loudi, Hunan, has now informed their families," said Li Yongjun, "can determine the stresses (those jumping) is an employee instead of two. "

In this connection, "China Business" reporter trying to get proof from the Longhua Hospital.

"This morning, after 120 received a call that went to Foxconn. But the 120 arrived, the patient had died." Longhua Hospital Medical Services director of the then best known, the specific cause of death is not clear.

But "China Business" reporter found that the time sequence, the pine and the Longhua Hospital, saying the police station to say a conflict. Li Yongjun said 3:30 110 Alarm telephone, pine base station from the Fuji Kang Longhua not more than 2 km, the basic can be reached within 10 minutes, but "the scene, the ambulance had gone." Lee referred to the scene as "quarters downstairs." And Zhan-jia, Longhua Hospital, 120 admissions inquiries, call time 4:47 to 4:37,120 ambulance arrived, "Foxconn clinic" patients have died without emergency treatment.

Clearly, in order of arrival time, arrival location, the Pine Longhua Hospital, police stations and the description is not consistent. In the jumping in the end who is a person or issue 2, 2010 3 鏈?30 鏃?8:57, "yp880928" log in again End of the World, published sources, "netizens Hello, everybody, what is really (a), night I am working at night, by the security field cards confiscated, and warned that I'm not going out, or to death I am not I do not want it (get) show buddies really afraid, Foxconn is also (a) private thugs ah. "As newspaper dispatch, "yp880928" no longer log on End of the World, the End of the World's last logon time at 9:39 on March 30, 2010.

"Jumping" suspense

In fact, not only on March 29 of Liu the cause of death unknown, many doubt; January 23 occurs at the base of the horse forward Fuji Kang Guanlan death, family members also have many questions remain unanswered.

March 23 afternoon and was informed that horse forward the results of the second autopsy has been sent to Shanghai, Ma Li group to Matsumoto station query. Ma Li group is forward of the Third Sister Ma; horse forward on Jan. 23 about 4:30 am at the base of Fuji Kang Guanlan died from Matsumoto station is responsible for investigating and handling.

After waiting more than two hours later, Ma Li group met outside the meeting returned Matsumoto Liu Bin, director of the police station. "There has not received, the families will be notified upon receipt." Liu Bin, Ma Li base answer again let down.

Institute of Forensic Science Ministry of Justice on February 25 by Matsumoto family commissioned police station and horse forward, in the Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Forensic Testing Center (the "Forensic Center") on the horse forward a second autopsy. The need for a second autopsy, is rooted in Ma Li group were Matsumoto station for processing the results of the previous three "unsatisfactory."

"China Business" reporter on March 25 at the forensic center to see the wall, "the Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau of Forensic autopsy in the public system" introduced "Identification of rights and obligations", said, "Identification of people to enjoy the full understanding of the case, asked commission Identification and characterization of the principal to provide detailed material on the fraud and conceal the truth or do not meet the test, reject or suspend identification, application for withdrawal, as well as other rights provided by law. " However, groups such as Ma Li received the first autopsy concluded only a simple "horse falling forward line during his lifetime high death" 10 words, without any explanation. For Ma Li Kwan asked why the delay in not filing, Liu Bin said, "high fall dead before his death," that is not a criminal case, no placed on file.

April 1, family members finally received Ma forward, Baoan, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Branch of Matsumoto station's telephone. 3:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm, family members received two documents, one is the "conclusions notice"; a notice is not placed on file. Their families are still not satisfied, proposed to open second autopsy video, which Liu Bin said: "The meeting has been recording the whole process, in time to see."

"Shenzhen speed"

Ma Hui (horse forward big sister), Mary group raised many questions, not only to those mentioned above, other, including many now can not get the police to respond to the doubts.

"The autopsy, we have proposed to employ the scene forensic applications from other provinces. But on Feb. 10 to inform us at the autopsy, we are prepared to hire forensic Henan Province from home, just to catch up with Henan snow, no way in the February 12 9:00 to Shenzhen, therefore, on February 12 of the anatomy is the Shenzhen police forensic their own choice. "said Ma Li group.

In addition, the horse forward before the second autopsy, Ma has proposed three conditions: 1. To please other provinces throughout the forensic field in the anatomical view (two days in advance to notify us forward identification of the dead horse family time and location, to facilitate the forensic to Shenzhen). 2. The whole family with two video cameras. 3. To allow the media on-site supervision.

But on February 25 of the second autopsy, only the first condition is met, and the identification of the judicial branch, took the decision and hire Bao.

In fact, not unique to the family of the horse to move things happen because there are many questions and follow-up process. "March 14 or 15, her daughter is still the phone to us that parents be assured that I am here 'blame good', do not worry, be at 8 o'clock on the 17th occurred in the child jumping on things. "March 29, the father of Tien Tien Party told the" China Business "reporter, who quickly came to Shenzhen two weeks, though very anxious, but did not draw any conclusions.

Foxconn's approach is to help the field on behalf of the Party and so rented a hotel, let to live in Hua Teng mandarin hotel near the hospital. Mazi Shan (horse forward father) one, too, after the death of horse forward, Foxconn that helped Ma rent on behalf of peace in the town of Mission Hills business hotel, three meals a day meal.

This event has been the industry's close attention to senior lawyer told the "China Business" reporter, Foxconn is one way to appease family members, hoping to trace extended family members after the determination to kill; the other hand, because different families of the victims were in a different location We could not united to an explanation. As for the generation of rental costs, are likely in the future, compensation is deducted from the compensation fee.

Business hotel staff told the peace, "China Business" reporter, Foxconn staff every day Development tickets, so he first entered late in March, the hotel has no invoice.

March 29 afternoon, "China Business" reporter in the Fuji Kang Longhua base main gate waiting for nearly 2 hours, the other media staff have not received an interview, said first fax, not receiving. Reporter was issued at noon had sent fax after fax the second time, the person claimed to have received, will be given by hand contact, but so far, not an interview.

March 30 morning, "China Business" reporter went to the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Baoan Branch for confirmation. In addition to the outside closed doors and patrol dogs, the council has not received an interview.


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Monday, July 12, 2010

C # to call Outlook API launch meeting

In my previous blog post mentioned the SharePoint call outgoing mail server and e-mail address to send mail

However, the methods which can only be used to send regular e-mail. If you want to launch a special meeting of the class of mail, you can use Outlook's own API.

Create a project, it added. NET Reference: "Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook" reference, you can call, to note that, in added time, take note OFFICE version.

Initiated the call to the API during the meeting, ran into a problem:

An appointment after you create the entry, looking for a long time for this appointment can not find how to specify the "From", then one would like, Window CF, find personnel information have OutlookSession of the East,

Well, this Outlook will not do the same way, tested, really have to find ways, the original, its API is specified by the sender and your machine running Outlook account settings directly related.

By ApplicationClass.Session.Accounts can find your account settings set, require special special attention is here to take a staff, set the index is a beginning, not

Starting at 0. Find the relevant account, you can AppointmentItem.SendUsingAccount attribute to specify the date of the sender.

--- However, if I Bu Shi Yong Outlook account set in Account Settings, and to specify other's Youjian account to send mail from the get how? And it has not 鎵惧埌 Huo Fa Xian way, Xi Wang Ren Men can know the up

Gets advice channels, Bese first ~ ~ ~ ~

The following is test code, running in WIN2003 + OFFICE12 through, successfully created the meeting:

1using System;

2using System.Collections.Generic;

3using System.Text;

4using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook;

5 ////////////////////

6 / * launch meeting called Outlook api

7 / *

8 ////////////////////

9namespace OutlookAPI

10 (

11 class Program

12 (

13 static void Main (string [] args)

14 (

15 try

16 (

17 ApplicationClass oApp = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.ApplicationClass ();


19 / / meeting is an appointment

20 AppointmentItem oItem = (AppointmentItem) oApp.CreateItem (OlItemType.olAppointmentItem);

21 oItem.MeetingStatus = OlMeetingStatus.olMeeting;


23 oItem.Subject = "topic";


25 oItem.Body = "content";


27 oItem.Location = "place";


29 / / start time

30 oItem.Start = DateTime.Now.AddDays (1);


32 / / end time

33 oItem.End = DateTime.Now.AddDays (2);


35 / / alert settings

36 oItem.ReminderSet = true;

37 oItem.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart = 5;


39 / / if all-day event

40 oItem.AllDayEvent = false;


42 oItem.BusyStatus = OlBusyStatus.olBusy;


44 / / index starts with 1 instead of 0

45 / / sender's account information

46 oItem.SendUsingAccount = oApp.Session.Accounts [2];


48 / / Add the necessary selection

49 Recipient force = oItem.Recipients.Add ("");

50 force.Type = (int) OlMeetingRecipientType.olRequired;

51 / / Add optional person

52 Recipient opt = oItem.Recipients.Add ("");

53 opt.Type = (int) OlMeetingRecipientType.olOptional;

54 / / Add the meeting initiator

55 Recipient sender = oItem.Recipients.Add ("");

56 sender.Type = (int) OlMeetingRecipientType.olOrganizer;


58 oItem.Recipients.ResolveAll ();


60 / / oItem.SaveAs ("d: / TEST.MSG", OlSaveAsType.olMSG);


62 oItem.Send ();


64 / / MailItem mItem = (MailItem) oApp.CreateItem (OlItemType.olMailItem);

65 / / Recipient rTo = mItem.Recipients.Add ("****");

66 / / rTo.Type = (int) OlMailRecipientType.olTo;

67 / / Recipient rCC = mItem.Recipients.Add ("****");

68 / / rCC.Type = (int) OlMailRecipientType.olCC;

69 / / Recipient rBC = mItem.Recipients.Add ("****");

70 / / rBC.Type = (int) OlMailRecipientType.olBCC;


72 Console.WriteLine ("OK");


74 catch (System.Exception ex)

75 (

76 Console.WriteLine (ex.Message);



79 Console.ReadLine ();






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